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Acquire more customers, increase customer lifetime value, and analyze every part of your customer purchase lifecycle with LimeLight

Since 2008, LimeLight has helped thousands of eCommerce merchants scale their businesses.

By pioneering the online direct-to-consumer subscription model, we’re uniquely equipped to provide you with a sophisticated software platform to rapidly grow your eCommerce brand.

Plus, because we deeply understand the needs of performance marketers, our suite of tools are crafted for your ROI/ROAS obsessed business.

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“LimeLight has given us the ability to take our company and our membership experience to a whole new level. If you’re in the eCommerce world and thinking about subscribing your tribe and giving them a world class experience, I really don’t know of another platform I would recommend.”

– Stephen Ezell, CEO at MyGreenFills

To truly grow your online business, you need the right pricing & billing strategy.

As a performance marketer, you can only scale your marketing campaigns once you find the winning offer for your audience. 

And how you bill your customer is an essential part of your winning offer...

Is it a membership? Pricing plan? Free trial + subscription?

Getting more customers requires being flexible to their needs. If you’re able to do that, you can convert more buyers, free-up advertising spend, and scale your marketing campaigns faster!

The sad part? Most of today's eCommerce platforms simply aren't equipped to help you create advanced billing options...

Instead, you have to waste time and money hacking together plugins and apps to your run-of-the-mill shopping cart.

With LimeLight, you get all the tools you could ever need! 

Our flexible, modular, approach gives you 16 unique ways to sell your products. Allowing you the freedom to test which one performs the best for your market.

Want to see which free trial offer will convert more customers? Easy.

Want to add a subscription plan to your best selling products? Simple.

Want to test which up-sell bundle will increase your AOV the most? We got you!

See what LimeLight can do for your business...

Unlimited Billing & Offer Flexibility

The Right Offer For The Right Audience

“There are many platforms out there that force you to pick a billing model from a drop-down menu. But with LimeLight, you can pick from a variety of different models, or even create them from scratch. The sky’s the limit!”

– Nate Lind, HaloRiver CEO & ADSUM Founder

Sell in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Free Trials

Charge for shipping and delay the billing of your products. 14 days, 30 days, or whenever is best for your trial offer.


Set up recurring billing for your physical or digital products. By date, day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and more.

Product Bundles

Bundle several products as one package. Offer pre-fixed bundles or let customers choose a custom bundle.

One-click Upsells

After purchasing the first product, offer additional upsells or complimentary products for increased AOV.

Pre-paid Offers

Let customers pre-pay their subscriptions. Plus, offer discounts if they prepay 3, 6, or even 12 months ahead.

And these are just the building blocks, imagine what you can do if you chain them together… 

Adding advanced billing to your offer strategy can introduce complexity into your business. Friendly fraud, credit card declines, expiring cards, etc… 

This stuff costs you money.

No need to worry, because we’ve been helping high volume eCommerce businesses protect themselves from unnecessary costs for over 10 years!

LimeLight provides you with an exhaustive supply of out-of-the-box tools to maximize the revenue on your offers and your business.

From retargeting non-converting traffic, all the way to A.I. enabled decline management, we allow you to optimize every part of your customer lifecycle.

Out-of-the-Box Tools To 

Maximize Your Revenue

When your business operates at breakneck speeds, you need to know how to handle and mitigate risk. 

Just one of our tools, Transaction Select, increased CLTV from $64.82 to $173.42 for a large eCommerce company...

150 million+

transactions processed last year


platform uptime

$3.5 billion

annualized value processed

Here are a few of our revenue maximizing tools...

Expired credit cards are inevitable if you have thousands of subscribers to your products. With Account Updater you can automatically update your customer payment details for seamless subscriptions.

Account Updater

Chargebacks and in-trial cancels are an unnecessary burden for large eCommerce businesses. Using big-data, Transaction Select determines if incoming customers are potentially bad actors and allows you to filter them out.

Transaction Select

When retrying soft-declines you need to be smart to increase your chances of conversions. Flexpay uses machine learning to determine the best day and the best time to retry your cards, dramatically improving your approval rates.

A.I. Decline Salvage

Give your customers the option of purchasing via SMS. Plus, now you can include text-message remarketing into your campaigns for a multichannel approach.

SMS Retargeting Funnels

Affiliate and influencer traffic can be highly valuable but risky. Affiliates especially know how to game the system. Kount is an industry-leading service that prevents fraudulent traffic so you can maintain your profitability.

Kount Anti-Fraud

Remarket to your abandoned cart leads & get more customers with LiftLogic, our managed email remarketing solution. We write and continuously optimize your emails for the highest conversion rates.

Managed Email Remarketing

World-Class eCommerce Analytics & Reporting

With LimeLight, you get more dashboards and reports than any other eCommerce platform on the market. Period.

Everything you could ever want to know about your business, from the conversion rates of your incoming traffic, to the speed of delivery for your products, is available at your fingertips in our built-in analytics platform.

And with the ability to segment and filter based on 10+ metrics, you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark with your business.

The heart of your business. With essential data like number of new orders, average order value, customer lifetime value, you’ll know how you’re growing day-to-day.

Order Analysis Dashboard

If you offer continuity products (and you should) get insight into your recurring revenue, average MRR per customer, and other revenue metrics.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Understand how your marketing mix impacts revenue and get a breakdown your specific channels (email, SEM, social, search, etc.)

Traffic Quality Report

+ 25 More Dashboards: processing, fulfillment, churn, tax reporting, chargebacks, profit & loss, customer service, BIN analysis, forecasting, reserve predictions, and more!

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“With non-subscription based platforms, a lot of them just didn’t have the forecasting capabilities or the analytic capabilities that we were looking for to be able to support our businesses, especially when you’re dealing with monthly recurring revenue… that’s what led us to LimeLight.”

– Anwar Husain, Co-Founder Smashtech

Everything You Need To Grow. Seriously.

CRM: Access detailed records of your customers purchase history and active subscriptions. Enable your customer service reps to edit customer details and take orders over the phone.

Integrations: From WordPress and MailChimp to Avalera and HasOffers, plus many, many more services to keep your business growing. Email marketing, membership portals, referral marketing, chargeback mitigation & anti-fraud services, tax accounting, etc. 

Payment Gateways: We’re masters of payment gateway integrations. Choose from over 150 payment gateway options! Do business worldwide - and even accept cryptocurrency!

Shipping & Fulfillment: We integrate with over 35 logistics and ship-on-demand partners. Use ShipStation to manage orders in-house, ShipOffers to fulfill orders as they come, or any of our other partners to get your products to your customer’s doors fast!

Industry Partners: Need assistance acquiring quality traffic? Need a package design or landing page consultation? An introduction to merchant processors? Call center recommendations? Just ask! We believe in your success, so we’re happy to introduce you to our partners and friends that have helped increase revenue for eCommerce merchants like you for over a decade.

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